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Chef Alina Eisenhauer’s ‘Dosants’ Were Cronuts Before Cronuts Were Cronuts



By FOX News Magazine
Since the Cronut craze began, every media outlet has run a story on Dominique Ansel and his unique doughnut-croissant hybrid, including us.

But who you don’t hear much about is Chef Alina Eisenhauer, who has been serving a nearly identical dessert to the Cronut — called the “Dosant” — at her Sweet Kitchen & Bar in Worcester, Mass. since 2008. And despite beating Ansel to the punch by several years, Eisenhauer is still too humble to take credit for being the inventor of the dessert, because she’s sure that somebody, somewhere, has had the bright idea to deep-fry croissant dough before either of them.

We had the chance to catch up…

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