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Sweet Restaurant is closing

sweet restaurant cupcakesSweet restaurant is closing. It has been an amazing ride and I have been truly blessed to work with some of the most talented, hardworking people who have all become like family to me and to each other over the years. With every end there comes a new beginning, you all have the knowledge skill and determination to do anything that you put your mind to and I look forward to watching and supporting all that you do! Thank you does not begin to explain my gratitude for all of you.

We have the best fans and friends in the world and are honored that so many of you are coming in to see us this last week that we are open, it is truly so much more than we could have ever imagined . Please bear with us over the next few days, we are doing the best we can to keep up – staff going back as far as 10 years are returning to help out and pulling long days and even overnights to make you all of your favorite things one more time. We are doing the best we can and hope that you can be patient and enjoy the time that you are here with us as much as we enjoy cooking and baking for you all!

Thanks to all of our loyal customers, and our amazing staff for supporting sweet! Be sure to stay tuned for Chef Alina’s next adventure.


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