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Worcester ‘Dosant’ led ‘Cronut’ Craze

boston herald

By Jill Radsken
D’OH! Sweet Bakery and Bar of Worcester has been making ‘dosants,’ chocolate-filled croissant/doughnut hybrids, for seven years, chef/owner Alina Eisenhauer says.

We’ve got news for the cronut-crazed New Yorkers waiting in long lines for the $5 croissant/doughnut hybrid: We did it first.

Chef Dominique Ansel started selling the pastry in May at his Soho bakery, and throngs of sweet-toothed fans made the fried croissant a media star.

But Alina Eisenhauer, chef/owner of Sweet Bakery and Bar in Worcester, said customers have been devouring her hybrid “dosants” for far longer.

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