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Sweet and Savory Delights Under One Roof


By Kristen Bosse

To fully understand the inspiration behind Sweet Kitchen & Bar in Worcester, we must go back into Chef Elina Eisenhauer’s past to explore her love for cooking (and of course, baking). Growing up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Alina was inspired to cook by her mother, a dedicated farm-to-table cook who took pride in baking from scratch for her family. Her mother’s cooking had a distinct healthy push, leaving Alina and her father craving what else- sugar! With a huge sweet tooth on her side, she began to work in restaurants that permitted her to create delectable desserts for the customers. Although Alina’s life took many twists and turns (including a 10 year career as a fitness competitor, wow!), she always came back to her true passion- baking. Her search for sugar has led her to be successful dessert bar owner and entrepreneur, Food Network cooking show Chopped and Cupcake Wars competitor and Sweet Genius winner.

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